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Unit Testing of HTTP requests in Angular

January 28, 2019

To test Angular services performing HTTP requests we test our services actually doing the expected requests to the real API, but instead of expecting the real response, we intercept the request and 'flush' it with the mock data

Loading Angular Components Dynamically

January 16, 2019

Application scenarios may require loading new components in runtime. This article shows how to use ComponentFactoryResolver to add components dynamically

RxJS: Cold vs Hot Observables

January 06, 2019

Working with RxJS requires understanding the difference between Cold and Hot Observables. A good metaphor for remembering it is the comparison to YouTube videos and TV broadcasts

How To Emulate A Foreign Key Constraint Check on Mongo with Mongoose

November 11, 2018

Document-oriented database engines like Mongo offer the benefit of fast handling large volumes of semi-structured or unstructured data. But the issue of data integrity is valid regardless of the database's type. If a database engine doesn't help us to maintain data-integrity we as developers need to care about it by ourselves

Dependency Injection in Node.JS, Part 1 - Put It Simple

October 06, 2018

The Dependency Injection (DI) pattern is quite popular nowadays in the JS world and probably the most misunderstood one. In this article I'd like to start talking about it, describing its very basic version

Queue Data Structure In JavaScript

July 15, 2018

Although, we can use JS arrays as queues, it's a good brain-teaser to implement this data structure from scratch. This way we'll understand the queue better and thus become better developers

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